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Former policeman denied shorter sentence for attempted homicide

Associated Press
DOYLESTOWN, Pa. - Feb. 22, 2005 - In a new sentencing hearing, a former police officer convicted of trying to kill another officer with whom he had had an affair was given the same five- to 10-year prison sentence he initially received, with five years of probation added by a judge who said he was a "menace."

Daniel Getter, 39, of Milford, was resentenced at a hearing Tuesday that included testimony from his wife, Doris Getter, and from Dawn Harrison, the former mistress he had threatened to kill.

Harrison, a single mother, testified that she was still terrified of Getter. "That fear lasts forever; it never goes away," she said.

County Judge John Rufe told Harrison he added five years of probation to Getter's sentence because he will be forbidden to own a gun or have contact with her for that much longer.

"You were a menace. It is impossible to forget that," Rufe told Getter.

Getter was convicted of attempted homicide in December 2002. Witnesses testified that the 10-year Doylestown Township police veteran became enraged because Harrison broke off their two-year relationship and started dating another man.

Harrison said Getter telephoned her at the police station from her home and said he was coming to kill her.

"The look of terror on her face ... I'll never forget it," testified Rick Munger, a county detective and former Doylestown officer.

Police intercepted Getter when he arrived at the station, a loaded .38-caliber handgun on the passenger seat of his car.

Getter won a new sentencing when a state Superior Court panel ruled in July that a mandatory minimum sentence under firearm laws didn't apply in his case. The panel ruled that Harrison's knowledge that he possessed a gun wasn't enough to support the mandatory minimum, and that she had to see the weapon to be affected by it.

Getter has taken self-improvement courses, including carpentry training, in prison, said his attorney, Colin Jenei, who said he was disappointed that Rufe didn't reduce the sentence.

Doris Getter and other family members and friends said Getter had learned his lesson. "I choose to love Dan because his great qualities outweigh his flaws," Doris Getter testified.

Two Charged In Alleged Shoplifting Ring
Police: Stolen Goods Sold On eBay

April 28, 2005 - WARWICK, R.I. -- Warwick police said Thursday they've broken one of the biggest shoplifting rings in the city's history.

Warwick police display some of the merchandise they say was stolen by a professional shoplifting ring.

Detectives allege Norman Cipriano ran a professional shoplifting ring that netted $50,000 to $100,000 in stolen goods.

Cipriano was charged with receiving stolen goods. His girlfriend, Jamie Bryant, was charged with possessing stolen goods.

"These were professional shoplifters going out stealing specific items that their fence found the easiest to sell," Warwick police Capt. Michael Babula said. "Much of this we believe was being sold on eBay."

Police displayed a tableful of over-the-counter medications, toiletries and other small goods.

Police said CVS and Brooks were two of the stores that were hit.


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