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Mobile Identifier Facial Recognition System Successfully Deployed by LAPD to Improve Neighborhood Safety

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 7, 2005--
Mobile Identity Verification System Proven Effective at LAPD's Rampart Division

Neven Vision, Inc., developer of the leading facial recognition software, announces the successful field implementation of its Mobile Identifier(TM) handheld biometric identification system by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Officers of LAPD's Rampart Division gang unit have deployed the Mobile Identifier field identification system as a highly effective tool for remote identity verification. The system, which provides accurate identity verification of a subject's background on the spot within seconds, has been used by Rampart officers to make more than 20 gang-related arrests in late 2004.

"Neven Vision facial recognition technology can identify a face in less than 180 milliseconds, 10 times faster than any other system. Speed of identification is the most critical factor for positive recognition of uncooperative subjects," said Hartmut Neven, CEO of Neven Vision. "We conceived the Mobile Identifier for law enforcement, security and military field applications where it is vital to correctly identify potential security threats."

The Mobile Identifier system consists of Neven Vision's facial recognition software and a camera-enabled mobile device such as a PocketPC(TM) or a cell phone that law enforcement officers use to capture an image of a subject. The subject's face is then compared to a database of known gang members, suspected criminals, missing persons etc., and the likely matches are flagged to the officer for final identity determination.

The LAPD's deployment of the Mobile Identifier handheld identity verification system builds on its earlier success with the MacArthur Park Camera Project, which was undertaken with GE Security. In MacArthur Park, the LAPD has deployed vision technology to create a virtual 24/7 crime patrol that is credited with dramatically reducing drug and gang-related crime in the area. By using the technology of GE Security and Neven Vision together, Rampart officers can identify criminal behavior remotely and promptly intervene as crimes are being committed.

For resource-constrained police departments, facial identification technology is a "force multiplier" that allows law enforcement personnel to accomplish tasks that normally would require many more officers, and to accomplish those tasks with a higher degree of safety for themselves and the public. The Neven Vision Mobile Identifier is compatible with existing police mug shot systems and can be used to perform identity recognition on live or recorded video footage.

Neven Vision licenses its technology to system integrators for various segments of the security market, including law enforcement, physical access control, national ID/passport systems and airport security. Mobile Identifier will be made available through Neven Vision's application partners in the first quarter of 2005.

About Neven Vision, Inc.

Neven Vision is a privately held developer of machine vision technology for the government and private security sectors, consumer electronics and the mobile phone industry. Its facial analysis suite comprises modules for face detection, facial recognition and facial feature tracking, and is widely respected as the most comprehensive and accurate solution for visual facial analysis. The software is currently integrated in numerous products ranging from facial biometrics for security and defense to facial feature tracking for new forms of visual communication on mobile phones. Leading research institutions around the world also use Neven Vision's software. A specialty of Neven Vision is embedded machine vision software for low cost microprocessors and digital signal processors. Neven Vision is headquartered in Santa Monica, California and the company has offices in Tokyo, Japan and Munich, Germany. For more information please visit


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Excessive Force Lawsuit Asks For $2 Million
Criminal Charges Pending In Municipal Court

POSTED: 9:32 am EDT April 14, 2005

WARREN, Ohio -- Ten people, two townships and the city of Warren are named in a lawsuit alleging police used excessive force March 1 in Warren Township.

The suit seeks more than $2 million in compensatory and punitive damages for four people.

Criminal charges against some of those who filed the lawsuit are pending in Warren Municipal Court.

Warren Law Director Gregory Hicks declined comment.


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