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Woman opens fire outside local mall, wounding two men

By Keri Kirby

February 12, 2005 - A woman opened fire outside a Shreveport mall Friday night, wounding two men, including the longtime boyfriend with whom she was fighting because he was not watching the couple's children, police said.

Brian "Scoob" Garner, 29, of Shreveport was shot four times in the chest and arm near the south entrance to Mall St. Vincent about 6:30 p.m., according to Shreveport police. John Crow Jr., 43, of Shreveport, whom police identified as an innocent bystander, was shot once in the arm. Both were taken to LSU Hospital in Shreveport for treatment of wounds that were not considered life-threatening, police said.

Authorities said the incident started when Zosia Myles, 27, of Shreveport went to the mall to find Garner. Not wanting to cause a scene in the mall, Garner asked Myles to step outside. That's where Myles is accused of pulling a small handgun from her purse and firing numerous rounds.

Caddo sheriff's deputy Chris Knighton and Shreveport police Cpl. Bill Goodin, who were off duty and working security at the mall, chased a woman south through the parking lot and took her into custody, Goodin said. "We also recovered a firearm ... which she had on her person. We believe we have the one suspect we believe was involved."

Police said about five shots were fired. At least seven red, plastic cups marking bullet fragments and shell casings could be seen outside the mall entrance and just a few feet inside the door.

Myles later was booked into the City Jail on one count of attempted first-degree murder.

Gloria White of Shreveport said she "didn't know what the hell to think." She had just finished shopping when the gunfire erupted and people started running. "This was the first time to be in a situation like that."

White said her thoughts turned to the safety of the three young girls she brought with her.

One of those girls tried to leave a nail salon when she heard the shots. "This man pushed us all back in and told us to stay there until it was safe," Bicaisha Wright, 13, said. "I heard gunshots and then everyone saying 'That man's wife shot him.'"

Several store owners also kept patrons inside until they could be sure it was safe.

Martha Marak, the mall's senior marketing manager, said business later returned to normal. "We did have one store that did close because they didn't know what had happened, but it is back open.

"Customer safety is our number one concern," Marak said. "But this being a public place, it is unfortunate that things like this happen."

For the most part, Goodin said, mall patrons remained calm during the commotion. "For as traumatic as it was, it was not as chaotic as you would expect."

Many continued their shopping while police photographed the crime scene. Hungry shoppers could be seen curiously watching officers work as they stood in line to buy cookies just a few feet from the yellow plastic police tape.

The mall's safety plan will be reviewed and, if necessary, changed, Marak said.

The shooting won't keep White, a longtime mall shopper, from coming back. But it has made her think differently.

"At the mall? That's what I'm saying. It's just not safe anywhere anymore."

Security guard facing sex assault charge

Broadcast News
April 4, 2005 - OAKVILLE, ONT. -- A 64-year-old security guard in Oakville, Ont. is facing a charge of sexual assault following an incident on Saturday.

Halton region police say a 34-year-old woman was walking by a new housing development when approached by a private guard.

During a conversation with the woman, the guard allegedly hugged her and tried to kiss her.

A man was arrested later that day.

Satpal Singh Dhillon of Mississauga, Ont. is charged with sexual assault and will appear in a Burlington court on May 3.



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