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Police: Robbers followed victims home

By: Brittany Morehouse, News 14 Carolina

North Charlotte Robberies

None of the victims were injured, but some community members are fearful that criminals are getting bolder.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - 1/20/2005 - Some north Charlotte residents are concerned about recent crimes that involved some careful and calculating robbers. Police reports say that on three separate occasions, two men targeted women who were traveling alone. The men, driving in a green pickup truck, followed the women home and then robbed them.

During the most recent robbery, the men cut the woman off at the driveway next door to her home, smashed her window and took off with her bag.

One robbery victim was followed home on Johnston Oehler Road -- a quiet country road that sees little traffic. The victim is one of many females who live alone on Johnston Oehler Road -- a quiet country road that sees little traffic.

“She works at night and comes home late at night,” neighbor Myrtle Thompson said Thursday. “So far, she has not been afraid. That is what she told me. But now, I'm sure she's going to be afraid to go out to work and come back home.”

Another woman was victimized at an apartment complex off Harris Boulevard. “There's been gradually quite a bit of crime here, from car break-ins to apparently people following women home,” resident Shannon Hawks said.

Another woman was robbed at her apartment complex off Harris Boulevard. A third incident was reported near the Northwest School of the Arts on Beatties Ford Road.

None of the victims were injured, but Thompson is fearful that criminals are getting bolder. She and other community members are taking new security measures to make sure they are not the next victims. “My yard man wants me to put up lights for security, which I might do because I live alone and it's scary,” Thompson said.

Hawks said her apartment complex needs security on site at all times. “Otherwise, this is the kind of stuff that happens here,” she said.

Police are still looking for the suspects, who drive a dark green Ford F-150. Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at (704) 334-1600.

Web Journalist: Kyle Almond

Security guard assists jewellery store robbery

May 01, 2005, 14:15

A security guard has assisted four people to rob a jewellery shop in Monument Park near Pretoria. Three men and a woman entered the shop, pretending to be customers, and held up the two shop assistants at gunpoint.

When the assistants pressed the panic button, a security guard arrived together with a fifth accomplice. The robbers locked the staff in a storeroom before fleeing.

They made off with an undisclosed amount of jewellery and the cellphones of the two shop employees. Police are still looking for the five suspects.


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