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Roberts is interviewed by host Anna Burrell where he speaks in depth about what he does and how his varied background helped him cultivate his expertise. Views can gain insight about his physical presence and how he presents analysis in a professional setting.

Residential Crime Risks

How To Find A Safe Place To Live – 5 minutes
JR Roberts tours several neighborhoods and points out many indicators of both safe and unsafe areas. Provides information to find a safe neighborhood to live. Many of the signs of potential crime may not be obvious to those that live in those areas, but can send a message to criminals where they more “welcome” than other areas which are crime free or have a low crime rate.

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Convenience Store Security

Better security can limit ‘stop and robs’
On April 11th J. R. Roberts was featured in an article in the Gainsville Times news about convenience stores that continue to be easy targets for thieves. The article centered around a crime where two armed robberies were committed within minutes at a pair of Gainesville convenience stores.

Store Security Can Be Improved
Amal’s Convenience Store in Savannah Georgia had a problem. Twice in two weeks the store had been robbed at gun-point and in the middle of the day. This video appeared on local Savannah television where J.R. Roberts describes security risks and some suggested improvements to the store owners.